"The care of ill trees that we don't understand is like starting a Rolls Royce with a hammer" Dr. A L Shigo, 1974.

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Arbrecare has been working in tree care for almost 30 years in both the US and Europe and has been permanently based here on the Cote D'Azur for over 20 years.

We are concerned with all aspects of tree health, from the planting of small trees up to very large species, and especially in creating suitable and complimentary environments. For example...

The correct pruning and felling of all types of trees, from palms to mighty oaks. ...more

The introduction of microrhyza for root amelioration using a variety of techniques including surface or deep root mulching. ...more

The use of tree diagnostics on subjects that may appear at risk or unhealthy, and providing you with a detailed tree assessment. ...more